About Us

About Us

Tentang Fungjai

Fungjai Indonesia adalah Media Musik yang berbasis aplikasi Digital Streaming. Berasal dari Thailand, Fungjai didirikan pada tahun 2014 oleh dua anak muda Thailand, Sarun Pinyarat dan Piyapong Muenprasertdee. Di Indonesia, Fungjai berdiri pada tanggal 3 Agustus 2018. 

Fungjai Indonesia mempunyai misi, menghubungkan musisi dan pendengar musik dengan mudah. Melalui situs ini, musisi dapat mempromosikan karya mereka dengan mudah. Dan bagi pendengar musik, situs ini akan menjadi tujuan untuk mencari informasi seputar musik sebanyak banyaknya.

“You Are What You Listen To”

Fungjai is one of the largest independent and non-mainstream music medias and communities in Southeast Asia with: • 150k+ active listeners per month on our music streaming platform. • 94k monthly readers on our online magazine • 257k+ followers through our social media channels. • Fungjai is also connected with the network of music festivals and promoters all over Asia.

“Fungjai is a community of music lovers - whether creators, listeners, professionals or enthusiasts - who engage, interact and communicate with each other on our multiple online platforms and participate in our various offline activities.” Photo: • Starting out as a crazy idea in early 2014, we became a team of 2 graphic designers, 3 software developers and 1 community manager in mid-2014. • Our team steadily grew with volunteers, interns, and part-time and full-time employees. And now, our full-time staff population has reached 50 people - many of us being avid music fans and indie musicians. • Our headquarters is located in Bangkok, Thailand, and we also have local staff in Jakarta, Indonesia. • The average age of our staff is around 25, so we are a very young and fun-loving bunch!